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Manual Adjustments

Dr. Gellman has 30 years experience with the art of Chiropractic spinal adjusting. Manual adjustments are usually done by hand and are the primary treatment a chiropractor follows. Adjustments, also called spinal manipulation, are made to specific areas of the spine where there is pain, misalignment and fixation in order to restore proper musculo-skeletal function. Spinal adjustments provide increased flexibility and pain relief to various joints, bones, and muscles. It is common to feel and hear a “popping” or “cracking” sound from the bones and joints being adjusted. This is normal and completely safe indicating the proper realignment of your spine restoring maximum neurological function. Most patients feel an immediate and deep release of their pain.



Y Strap Adjustment

The Y strap is a device that is used to provide a deep traction like adjustment to the entire spine. We can also use a special Y-strap technique that will isolate the neck for those with acute or chronic neck pain. The Y-strap provides an incredible decompression releasing pressure on joints, spinal discs and spinal nerves. This adjustment is especially effective for radiating pain, numbness and tingling in the extremities


y strap

Instrument Adjustments

At Peachtree Wellness Chiropractic we also use different types of instruments to adjust the spine. Some examples are the activator, arthrostim, and percussor. These instruments are excellent adjuncts to the more forceful manual adjustments and are good for children, the elderly and those with osteoporosis. They are also good for targeting specific joints in the spine or the extremities. Patients will not hear or feel popping or “cracking” sounds when these adjusting instruments are used.




Extremity Adjusting

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